Mold Green Primary School 04/02/2016

Y4 at mold green community primary school
Y4 at mold green community primary school

Thursday took me to Huddersfield and Moldgreen Community Primary School. After a very friendly welcome by the office staff and a quick chat about the timetable We got on with the day. Starting with 60 Y3s followed by two classes of 30 y4s. I taught a tricky routine to each class which the children picked up well and with some enthusiasm. A special mention should go to the children who found the class challenging, but stayed with it assisted by some very supportive teachers and teaching assistants and the day ended with all of the participating children performing their own work and my routine for the school.

Some words from the Staff:

“They were engaged throughout”.

“Thank you, you were astute at perceiving the strengths and needs of our children”.

Philippa Lee

“Absolutely fabulous positive behaviour management too. Those children who would not normally want to take part were fully engaged in all aspects of the workshop”.

Jill Ludick

“Short activities kept them engaged, stopped to discuss and clarify, children had a good understanding of task”.

“wonderful rapport with the children, excellent behaviour management, engaging activities which encourage creativity and independence”.

Laurajo Haigh


Thank you for your kind words, I look forward to seeing you all in November for my return visit.

Lychette minster school Stomp dance workshops 05/11/2015

Thursday took me to lovely (but damp) Dorset and Lychette minster school. This would be my 5th annual visit and one that I look forward to very much.

“Pete’s workshops are always fast paced and the students thoroughly enjoy themselves. There is a good balance of learning rep and creative exploration. The students always talk aboutt heir experience throughout the year” Claire aimes Dance teacher Lychette minster school

Errington Primary school 09/10/2015

Another 5 A.M. start on my way to the Redcar on the east coast. Lovely journey there driving past misty fields and arrived just as the sun was rising on the coast.

Sun rise inRedcar
                     Sun rise in Redcar

Errington primary school was situated between the ocean and the commondale hills in a very attractive part of the country. A very friendly and welcoming school with staff who got involved in every workshop. Its always good for the children to see their teachers making the odd mistake or two. Every class had a workshop except for nursery, (sorry little guys). And the day ended with a performance from year 5 and 6 for parents and the rest of the school. I think that we all had a great day.

Some words from the staff:

“54 kids and 2 teachers completely engaged, (though the scissor kick was a stretch for the teachers).
They had fun and learned that it is ok to make mistakes. Even children who thought they did not like dance loved it, the keen footballer types had a great time”.
Claire English

“Every child engaged and some of the less confident children had a smile on their faces throughout. Really enjoyable workshop”.
Mr Bennet


September 25th Kirk Sandall Infants School.

kirk sandall logo

Wednesday took me to Doncaster and Kirk sandall Infant school to deliver some Stomp dance workshops. I taught 9 classes of children from reception to Y2 and everyone worked very hard. I would like to thank all the staff and children for a great day.

Here are some words from the Reception children.

“I liked it when we turned around”! – Aiden

“Loved it when we spinned around”. – Charlie

“I liked the clapping game”. – Evie

“I liked the clapping bit” – Jack

“I liked the thing where we put our hands on both knees and clapped 2 times and you stopped, I liked that”. – Tianna


Thanks children!


Tuesday 23/6/2015 Danebank School Middleborough.

A great school with a huge willow maze on the grounds. Very friendly staff and very energetic children. I worked with 60 children at a time and delivered workshops throughout the school. Everyone worked hard without exception and the year sixes rose to the challenge especially well.
A spirited lot and a great day.