wallisdean Infants and Juniour school visit.

I had an immensley good time working with the children of Wallisdean infant and juniors. The energy of the children worked perfectly in line with the requirements of the workshop, all with fantastic support and orgasnisation from the staff.

A huge thank you and good luck to the children and thanks for the feedback below.

Testimonials from yR, Y1 and Y2, staff and children.

“I liked the repeating patterns in the dance”

“Liked copying Pete when he clapped his hands”.

“I liked Stomping”

“I really liked it when we played the clapping game. The man tried to catch us out and he did”.

I liked the dance Pete taught us, it was fun”

“I liked counting the beats of 4”.

“I liked learning the dance routine”.

“A great fun, engaging STOMP. Capturing even the most challenging children’s behaviours”.

“I liked the bit where we could make up our own routine using our hands and feet”.

“I enjoyed making all the different moves”.

“I liked it when we did the kick”.

“I liked the star”.

I liked the game when we jad to clap”.


“I thought that it was fantastic that the children managed to learn such a complicated sequence of moves so quickly. The children loved it and were proud to share their performances”.

The children were engaged throughout the session, they really enjoyed learning the moves”.

“Children engaged, and loved it”.

“Taught well”.

“Linked to our own dance teaching”.

“I was scared, i think it was good. They werent scared if they got it wrong, they just tried again.

” it was amazing, I likes the dance moves”.

It was so good, I loved it”

No mans land – a poem by Peter Francis 1998

No Mans land

Adrift in that place where loves incandescence can blacken and fade into hate.

Where the warmth of compassion grows cold until its chill forms deceit and its disheartening playmates.
Here the fields and green meadows of happiness turn under foot into the twisted undergrowth of sorrow.

And the cool crystal waters of hope, lap the sands of the desert of despair and that fear of tomorrow.

Here the tower of will power crumbles, as on a tide of confusion it flows to and fro.

Its tempted by desire but then retrieved by good sense, whilst the emotions, like a see saw swing high and then low.

Where the dawn of intrigue and curiosity melt into the ignorance of a bigotted twilight.

and the corpse of a once righteous conscience lies fallen, in the no mans land between wrong and right.

Here in this place where all of these elements struggle, compete and entwine. we will all visit once to find that elusive place called enlightenment,

Or for some, just peace of mind

P.Francis 1996

St Georges International school Luxembourg – 10 – 12th October

My visit to Luxembourg was just fantastic. From the flight to the hotel to the school itself, I had a great time.

The school is situated on the outskirts of the city and from the top classrooms, the views are just spectacular.


The facilities were excellent including a theatre that would be the envy of any professional dance company.



The Theatre at St Georges would be the envy of any dance company. A fantastic space.
The Theatre at St Georges.  A fantastic space.

This was my first time teaching in an international school and I was unsure at first how my methods would translate. It took me a little while to figure out that the reason for some of the children’s incredible attentiveness was as much to do with them mentally translating my words whilst I spoke as it was interest in what was being said. The energy of the younger classes I would describe as excited/fidgety and excited/energetic from the juniors. The Y8s were a terrific year group who showed both talent and promise in their work.

Thank you to all of the staff at the school for making my visit there so enjoyable. Please enjoy the videos and photographs from my visit.

Any comments are welcome







Y4,5 and 6 performing
Y4,5 and 6 performing







Well done Everyone.

Newchurch primary challenge programme. 29/09/2016

20160929_105521Today brings me to Newchurch on the Isle of White. A special day based in the sports pavilion in Newchurch where children from 8 primary schools have been bussed in for a morning or afternoons Stomp dance session. These children have been identified as talented dancers by their school and have as a result signed up for a fairly advanced session.


The morning session was brilliant with a every child working with focus and enthusiasm. I was especially impressed with how well they worked with children from different schools.

Ely St Johns Primary school 20,21,22 September

Having Spent three days working here in Ely, I am thoroughly inspired by the energy,enthusiasm and talent of the talent demonstrated by the staff and children here. I would like to thank everyone for working so hard and producing such amazing dance work.


Some words from Mark Lowery. – Classroom teacher.

“Just a quick message to re-iterate what I said at the end of the day: thank you so much for such a great three days. The children were absolutely buzzing when they got back to class. All of the teachers said how much they’d loved it, and how excited the children were. They all thought you had a brilliant manner with the pupils, praised your energy and enthusiasm, and were amazed with how much progress their classes had made in such a short space of time. I’d go as far as to say it was the best workshop I’ve ever seen, and I’m a cynical old sod who isn’t easily impressed 😉
Hope you got back to Manchester ok. I will definitely recommend you to other schools, and will send you a link to whatever we put on our website”.


St Nicholas Primary school 25/05/2016





I spent two days at St Nicholas school and worked with all of KS2 and Year two. I had a fantastic time teaching here and would like to thank both the staff for their support and children for their hard work and good behaviour.


Please enjoy the videos and I would appreciate any comments from staff, children or parents.







Wyburns school Essex – 13/04/2016

The first day of the term took me back to Wyburns school in essex. I had a fab day teaching everyone which ended with a KS” performance outside. Well done guys.

“The children and staff had a brilliant day which was full of high energy, creativity and laughter.” Lucy Mitchell – Deputy head Wyburns school.