Mold Green Primary School 04/02/2016

Y4 at mold green community primary school
Y4 at mold green community primary school

Thursday took me to Huddersfield and Moldgreen Community Primary School. After a very friendly welcome by the office staff and a quick chat about the timetable We got on with the day. Starting with 60 Y3s followed by two classes of 30 y4s. I taught a tricky routine to each class which the children picked up well and with some enthusiasm. A special mention should go to the children who found the class challenging, but stayed with it assisted by some very supportive teachers and teaching assistants and the day ended with all of the participating children performing their own work and my routine for the school.

Some words from the Staff:

“They were engaged throughout”.

“Thank you, you were astute at perceiving the strengths and needs of our children”.

Philippa Lee

“Absolutely fabulous positive behaviour management too. Those children who would not normally want to take part were fully engaged in all aspects of the workshop”.

Jill Ludick

“Short activities kept them engaged, stopped to discuss and clarify, children had a good understanding of task”.

“wonderful rapport with the children, excellent behaviour management, engaging activities which encourage creativity and independence”.

Laurajo Haigh


Thank you for your kind words, I look forward to seeing you all in November for my return visit.