No mans land – a poem by Peter Francis 1998

No Mans land

Adrift in that place where loves incandescence can blacken and fade into hate.

Where the warmth of compassion grows cold until its chill forms deceit and its disheartening playmates.
Here the fields and green meadows of happiness turn under foot into the twisted undergrowth of sorrow.

And the cool crystal waters of hope, lap the sands of the desert of despair and that fear of tomorrow.

Here the tower of will power crumbles, as on a tide of confusion it flows to and fro.

Its tempted by desire but then retrieved by good sense, whilst the emotions, like a see saw swing high and then low.

Where the dawn of intrigue and curiosity melt into the ignorance of a bigotted twilight.

and the corpse of a once righteous conscience lies fallen, in the no mans land between wrong and right.

Here in this place where all of these elements struggle, compete and entwine. we will all visit once to find that elusive place called enlightenment,

Or for some, just peace of mind

P.Francis 1996