Choreographic workshops


£495.00 £395.00

Choreograph your own class dances with the help and guidance of the professionals.


Choreograph your own dance performances with help from the professional.

Nebula Artistic choreographic workshops are designed to work in collaboration with any subject or topic that is being taught. You give us the theme and we will work with your ideas to create the appropriate dance with the most fitting music.

Be it the Vikings or the solar system, world war two or renaissance painters, our instructors will provide the very best choreographic workshops.

If required, each dance can be pre-choreographed and ready to be taught or choreographed with a class. Similarly the music can be pre-recorded or composed as a part of each workshop using piano, guitar or percussion.

For teachers professional development and easy to follow worksheet and follow up ideas will be provided. Also staff twilight sessions are available.

Ages – This workshop is suitable for all key stages.

Workshop duration.

Early years and Y1 workshop lasts for around twenty to thirty minutes.

Y2 – 60 – 90 minutes

KS2 and KS3 – 90 minutes – a full day.

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