Great Bedwyn school, Wiltshire 02/03/2016


This lovely Primary school in the Wiltshire village of Great Bedwyn had a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The children responded with excitement and worked very hard throughout the day. I am particularly pleased to be able to say that all classes produced excellent group-work from Y1 upwards.

We started with reception class who were brilliant and worked very hard for me, (little bless poppets).

Followed by year three and four.

Some words from the class teacher:

I was surprised by the creativity of some of the boys“.

Thank you its always great to get new ideas from professionals“.


I next taught year 1 and 2.




Some words from Kirsten Disley Y2 teacher

All of them really enjoyed it. The boys in particular“.

It was brilliant! Inspiring and creative. The energy was fab“.


In the afternoon I taught Y 5. (a very excitable class).

This class took to my routine very quickly and learnt my set routine in 8 minutes which is very good. (I hope they listen that well in class).

Some words from Susan fry the class teacher.

“100% participation”

“Great exercise and teamwork”.



And finally year 6. (Fantastic).


Now this year 6 class was outstanding from beginning to end. They picked up a challenging routine very quickly and performed it brilliantly with few mistakes. Their group work was exceptional and it was a pleasure to work with them all. 20160302_143818

Some words from J.Durie .

“The more confident children were working with and being encouraged by the more confident pupils”.

“It would be good to do more of this type of dance”.

would like to say well done and thanks to the staff and children of Great Bedwyn School.

ST Mary’s Catholic Primary school – Workington – 22/02/2016

The first day of the new term took me North to Cumbria and St Mary’s Catholic Primary school in Workington. After a grey and drizzly Sunday evening drive through the impressive cloud covered Cumbria hills, I rested a for the night at a very Dickensian style Bed and Breakfast in Workington.

My day at St Mary’s was excellent and I would like to thank both staff, children and Lunch time staff for making day there so enjoyable.

Some words from the staff:
“Brilliant half hour session. I would recommend this to other eyfs”.
“Fun and exciting new experience for younger children who aren’t always keen to do P.E were really enjoying it”.
“The session was a brilliant pace and the children were engaged throughout”.
Claire Chapelhow
“They enjoyed making lot of sound with their bodies”.
“Some children who were reluctant during physical based activities engaged well”.
Laura Ball








Lychette minster school Stomp dance workshops 05/11/2015

Thursday took me to lovely (but damp) Dorset and Lychette minster school. This would be my 5th annual visit and one that I look forward to very much.

“Pete’s workshops are always fast paced and the students thoroughly enjoy themselves. There is a good balance of learning rep and creative exploration. The students always talk aboutt heir experience throughout the year” Claire aimes Dance teacher Lychette minster school