wallisdean Infants and Juniour school visit.

I had an immensley good time working with the children of Wallisdean infant and juniors. The energy of the children worked perfectly in line with the requirements of the workshop, all with fantastic support and orgasnisation from the staff.

A huge thank you and good luck to the children and thanks for the feedback below.

Testimonials from yR, Y1 and Y2, staff and children.

“I liked the repeating patterns in the dance”

“Liked copying Pete when he clapped his hands”.

“I liked Stomping”

“I really liked it when we played the clapping game. The man tried to catch us out and he did”.

I liked the dance Pete taught us, it was fun”

“I liked counting the beats of 4”.

“I liked learning the dance routine”.

“A great fun, engaging STOMP. Capturing even the most challenging children’s behaviours”.

“I liked the bit where we could make up our own routine using our hands and feet”.

“I enjoyed making all the different moves”.

“I liked it when we did the kick”.

“I liked the star”.

I liked the game when we jad to clap”.


“I thought that it was fantastic that the children managed to learn such a complicated sequence of moves so quickly. The children loved it and were proud to share their performances”.

The children were engaged throughout the session, they really enjoyed learning the moves”.

“Children engaged, and loved it”.

“Taught well”.

“Linked to our own dance teaching”.

“I was scared, i think it was good. They werent scared if they got it wrong, they just tried again.

” it was amazing, I likes the dance moves”.

It was so good, I loved it”